Boys - Coach Charles: (424) 501-6067
Girls - Coach Sanoma: (213) 500-6375

Cross Country

LA Jets Cross Country Practice Information

The Cross Country season begins on Saturday, August 17, 2019 at 9:30am and tryouts will be conducted at every practice (practice is held four days per week).

Practice Days & Times:  Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday @ 5:30 pm and Saturday @ 9:30 am.  Practice will also be held on some Monday & Friday practices (parents will be notified ahead of time regarding these practices).

Cross Country meets are held on Saturdays throughout Southern California and the regular season lasts from September to November.  Once practice begins, we will conduct cross-country team tryouts every practice day.  In order to make the team your child must be able to do the workouts without stopping or walking.  

Contact:  Coach Dawna Watson – (310) 908-6935

Club Fee:  $55.00 for returning athletes and $75.00 for new athletes (includes USATF League Registration).

Where: Centinela Park (Formerly known as Edward Vincent Park)

Start of Practice Meeting Place:  The athletes meet next to the new Football/Soccer Field in front of the parking lot/playground.

Age Eligibility:  Boys & Girls aged Five (5) to Fifteen (15)